Common Health Effects

This page is written to give a summary of  the common health effects that Targeted Individuals experience
via Directed Energy Systems, Remote Systems & Chemical Poisoning/Sensitivities

Common Health Effects Targeted Individuals Experience TargetIn general – Most healthcare professionals only take into account a few of the effects that you tell them so it will match up with what they know.  When all of the effects are not taken into account, this clearly leads to an  INCORRECT DIAGNOSIS.

Mainstream healthcare professionals are NOT taught about Directed Energy Systems, Remote Systems & Chemical Poisoning/Sensitivities, or what these systems/issues can do, as most of these are under the banner of ‘CLASSIFIED INFORMATION’!

For this reason, Targeted Individuals are often MIS-DIAGNOSED or maimed as mentally ill.

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A Bit about Directed Energy Weapon/Technologies

It’s Important to NOTE: 

Important notes for Targeted Individuals(1)  Many of the (DEW) Directed Energy Weapon effects can come on quickly.

(2)  They are often extreme in intensity.

(3)  The side effects can last for days to weeks to months.


  • These weapons penetrate radiation and assorted gases in/on the victim.
  • Most directed effects are applied more at night!
  • Victims soon realize they are watched and seen through walls, as no matter which room they are in the effects follow.  The technology to do this is certainly out there and actively used.  Re link here:
  • Some of the Directed Energy sensations feel like an electrical beam has been aimed at you.
  • It penetrates deep into the body creating a torturous effect on the victim – such as internal burning & deep bruising, stunning which creates a wide range of after effects, depending on which body part/nerve endings have been penetrated.
  • Symptoms of major organ break down can occur (yet tests usually don’t show organs are damaged until many years have passed).  By the time the organs do show they are breaking down – the true cause IS NOT taken into account as the victim is not believed – due to the technologies creating this having been kept covertly hidden – as well as the correct tests not being made available to the mainstream public domain. 

For Those of You NOT Effected by DEW Weapons/technologies

Imagine a friend aiming a torch with a heat lamp bulb in it – at your head.  You can see your friend and the light is shining on you as well.

The longer this friend has the torch aimed at your head the more heat you feel on your head.  If you move away from your friend the feeling will stop.

But if you didn’t move away from your friend holding the torch, you would end up with a burnt head.

Imagine how you would feel if you had these very same effects, but you were inside the privacy of your home – yet no-one can be seen doing this and there is no evidence of this happening.

There is NO Protection from DEW Weaponry Technologies!

Common health effects from Directed Energy Weapons DEWs

Many victims are forced to give up employment

Due to  their deteriorating health!

Some become…

Homeless & Penniless!


  • A Targeted Individual can feel but not see the source of the electrical energy beam directed on a body part, that is creating severe internal heating/burning and pain.  If you move and replace another part of your body in the beam range, the effect will happen there.
  • Often the victim is physically stunned/paralyzed so they cannot move out of the way or call for help.
  • It is not uncommon to go unconscious when this is aimed at the head.  The gases/chemicals this technology releases can also have this effect. 
  • Internal body organs can also feel bruised/crushed.
  • The next day the victim usually feels the internal burning, and associated side effects (re-list below) from the affected area, even if they were asleep or unconscious when the attack happened.

Internal burning

  • This can also happen to a Targeted Individual while with a group of people.  Others that may be sitting next to them at the time are not affected as it is not directed at them, and they don’t see it happening either. 
  • Even moving to another room or another house does not stop this from happening long-term.   It will start up again. 
  • Many have hired private investigators, put cameras inside their homes, had friends, family stay with them, tested for chemical poisoning and had x-rays done – yet to get proof is near impossible.

Some Targeted Individuals have had Implants
Show up in Various Scans/x-rays.

Some Targeted Individuals have had implants show up in various scans/x-rays.

Yet professionals are not taking this seriously either 
or doing anything about…

HOW these implants got there. 

Many Targeted Individuals that are seeking various x-rays/scans for implants/microchips are video- taping the whole procedure to stop deniability of what shows up on the scan.  Many that have had some evidence, find that the records (including from medical practices and hospitals) suddenly go missing – even if they had a copy hidden away elsewhere.
More about microchips – ‘The Microchip Connection and You’

Many Targeted Individuals Become Sensitive to…
All Chemicals in General.

This Condition is Called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

  • Quite often a person with MCS will react to general chemicals that others cannot even smell, but to a sensitive MCS person, the smell is strong as are the effects.
  • Time away from chemicals can help alleviate this, but Targeted Individuals cannot get away from the chemicals they are exposed too.
  • MCS is caused by a heavy over exposure to a chemical and/or long term gradual exposure.
  • Many MCS sufferers don’t always look as sick as they are. 
  • Most doctors are not taught about chemical poisoning, or chemical sensitivity and victims are usually mis-diagnosed as delusional.
  • NOTE: Targeted Individuals don’t always look as sick as they actually feel until the – Long term gradual chemical exposure leads to cancers, tumors, strokes, heart failure, and other major organ failures, and ultimately death.
Many of you May Think that it is Easy to Prove You are Over-exposed to Chemicals.
 Well, it is not as simple as you think.  
Many chemicals do not show up in the body, while others will only show for a short time after exposure.
For targeted Individuals – Many of the Chemicals used would also be under the
CLASSIFIED INFORMATION‘ banner of secrecy!

Forensic Scientist DR John Harris Trestrail explains in his book…


“Criminal Poisoning – Investigative Guide for Law Enforcement, Toxicologists, Forensic Scientists and Attorneys” 

On page 75:

laboratories normally have  a set of specialized toxicology screens that they utilize

‘When a result comes back negative, it means only that none of the substances tested for were present in detectable quantities, not that the specimen was free of all chemical substances’.  View/Purchase here

Common Physical Symptoms Often Experienced by Targeted Indiviuals
  • Has your Health suddenly deteriorated?  (But you are told by medical professionals that nothing is wrong with you and in some cases told you are paranoid or delusional!!)
  • Have you been experiencing some sort of pressure or electrical current pulsating into or through your body?


These effects are often constantly…

Victims don’t always look as sick as they really are…
  • Internal body parts feel burnt – often worse when your body temperature heats up (Skin in these areas doesn’t always look burnt)
  • Various body parts feel deeply bruised  for no apparent reason (but don’t always look bruised)


Summary of Health Effects

Please note, this list is only a summary, but covers the most common health effects.

The Technologies & Systems Used on a Target,
Can create FAKE symptoms of any Injury, Illness, or Mental illness,
And REAL Cancers, Organ failures, and SUICIDE.
  • Severe headaches – often in front or back of head
  • Constant ear aches
  • Sore eyes a lot
  • Dizziness
  • Sensitivity to bright light or sunlight
  • Pressure/numbing/tingling in selected body parts (particularly the head)
  • ELECTRICAL type energy current moving/pulsating/penetrating on/in your body.
  • ELECTRICAL type force/beam penetrating into you – to the extent you can be unable to move
    (these attacks are often very directed and precise to specific body part/s for set periods of time)
  • Feel like your body is vibrating but it actually isn’t
  • Trembling/shakiness – but have no other illness
  • Buzzing/clicking/pops in the head ears or sinuses
  • Humming in ears and/or head
  • Jolts and jerks to various muscles – particularly when you are just about to go to sleep – can be to the extent you feel like you have been hit with a large bolt of electrical energy
  • Forced/involuntary speech or body movements
  • Forced thoughts that aren’t your own
  • Forced awake and kept awake – happens at the same time each day/night –(But too precise to be natural)
  • Loud noises occurring every time you try to go to sleep
  • Vivid dreams that replay for nights on end – you sense they are forced
  • Vivid images – Often like a cartoon or photograph suddenly appearing in your visual field
  • Temporary fevers – especially when you move too much, but you have no other illness
  • Out of breath for no apparent reason
  • Weak/achy muscles for no apparent reason
  • Hair loss
  • Inflamed gums – loose teeth
  • Extreme fatigue for no apparent reason
  • Nausea
  • Random but deep abdominal pains
  • Sudden but random diarrhea – not usually associated with anything you have eaten
  • Sudden uncontrollable itching – often without a rash
  • Random pin-pricks – at times can feel like a needle is being deeply pierced into you
  • Sudden heart palpitations – or irregular heartbeat – often when relaxing
  • Symptoms of a heart attack – yet when tested you have never had a heart attack
  • Sudden but random diarrhea – not usually associated with anything you have eaten
  • Regular trouble not sleeping, sleeping too much or suddenly falling asleep
    (Often for days – weeks – months – years at a time)
  • Hearing Voices – But have never had a mental illness
Dr Barrie Trower (Retired Agent)

Explains the effects Directed Energy Weapons
(DEW) systems can inflict on a person.

More about the Technologies:
See History of Technologies
  • Chemical taste in mouth
  • Feel drugged a lot
  • Post Nasal drip
  • Tinnitus type effects – but you don’t have tinnitus
  • High pitch piercing noise in ears

Summary of Multiple Chemical Senstivity
(Dr L. Christine Oliver, MD)


What Happened to Eileen
(FREE – E-book: Summary of what happens to
Targeted Individuals)
What Happened to Eileen (e-book)

Hidden voices​Hearing voices – yet when you turn around nobody is there

Also known as Synthetic Telepathy & Voice to skull – V2k or the microwave auditory effect (Yet you have never had a mental illness.

These voices seem to be coming externally – from behind your head as if someone is playing a radio tape – can also be heard as conversations and in many languages)
Also known as Synthetic Telepathy View info here 
See Microwave Auditory Effect here

Voices can be beamed into a persons head

Voice to Skull Bone Conduction Technology used in Advertising!

2013 – A new form of Advertising is emerging in the public arena. This technology uses bone conduction to… ‘Put Voiced adverts Directly Inside your Head!‘  See more here


Brain Invaders

(Documentary on Tru T.V. – December 2012)

Jesse Ventura interviews victims of electronic harassment & professionals involved in the technologies that beam voices to the head (known as v2k) and the torturous pain these technologies inflict on victims.  He also includes a demonstration of voices being beamed into the head!

(Please Note: This documentary is based on U.S victims – BUT is a world-wide problem.)


It is important to make a diary record of any health effects you endure,
if you feel you are a Targeted Individual.

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