Common Tactics & Mind Games

Targeted Individuals not only experience the tortuous electrical DEW weaponry attacks and associated effects from them, they also experience various stalking type tactics, and what I refer to as mind games.

This is all done with the aim to drive the TI  further into looking, sounding and eventually going nutty/crazy (or to think they are crazy.   These tactics are well orchestrated, and proof of them is often impossible to get.

If you are a TI or think you may be a TI, and this type of thing is happening to you,  you are not crazy, this is all being done to make you look that way.

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These tactics are known as:-

  • Stalking, 
  • Gangstalking
  • Group stalking
  • Multistalking
  • Community stalking (wide area supervised local harassment)
  • Cause stalking (stalkers use a “cause” for recruitment),
  • Mobbing – Organized stalking in the workplace,
  • Street theater (harassment skits done in view of the target out in the community)


Have you Had a Lot of Bizarre Activities

Done Inside and Around Your Home When you are Out?


    • Items being moved inside/outside your home – then put back to the original placing a few days later – often with no gn/evidence of a break-in.
    • Electrical appliances –  randomly turning  themselves on or off – but they are NOT faulty
    • Doors or windows – Being closed/locked when you went out, but open/unlocked when you arrive home.  Even when you have given no on else your keys.

These Tactics are Often Common to a Targeted Individual…

and are Staged to Make the Victim Question Themselves.

  • Often these tactics start off as barely noticeable and only happen now and again.
  • They soon become more obvious and start to happen frequently – No matter how many times you change your locks there is often NO SIGN of a break-in, yet items are still moved around and then put back to their original place –  usually after you have noticed them out of place,  which implies you are being watched inside and outside your own home and often in many other places.
  • When this happens on a regular basis, it is quite obvious to the Target that this is being done deliberately, and is highly organized, as only professional people would have the knowledge and capabilities to get away with this type of thing.

We can all Experience Odd Things or Misplace Things from Time to Time,

But a Targeted Individual experiences the below examples…

There is not usually any sign of evidence in the types of tactics used. 

If you are a Targeted Individual, note everything that is done to you

NOTE:  It is not unusual to have any reports/medical records go missing from the department they are filed with.  Particularly if they have any substance to proving you are telling the truth, or that you do not have a mental illness
This also applies to any other reports that include proof of ill health, and/or damage caused from the  other tactics done to you etc.

It is not uncommon for any copies you may have at home to go missing as well. 
It is CRUCIAL that you hide extra copies elsewhere.

When a Victim (Target) Reaches Out for Help…

When the victim reaches out for help by friends, family, and authorities, they often get labeled as paranoid and/or delusional…

As there is often no proof of the tactics being done, and it all sounds impossible. 

This Results in the Victim being Re-victimized – All Over Again. 

When Targeted Individuals reach out for help they are often not taken seriously

  • For the harassment to be successful the victim is driven into isolation. 
  • Victims are left to question themselves as to who is doing this and why? 
  • Many have changed locks, put hidden cameras inside (but footage often comes out scrambled when there have been items moved within the camera range), installed monitored alarms, yet these seem to be by-passed and the tactics still occur.  
  • This often results in the victim being believed even less, as many people think that cameras/alarms and new locks would stop someone getting into your home. 
  • In general crimes, this would be correct-  but not with the involvement of organized crime groups! 
  • Some victims do have witnesses to some of this but it is usually staged so only the victim will notice.  


These tactics are well organized
To make you sound delusional,
Look delusional

To eventually end up delusional.
Methods to make you loose all

Former Secret Service Agent Speaks out About His…

(Experiences with harassment before and after working alongside The British Security Services)

September 2015 – ​Carl Clark describes how he targeted people and then became a target himself after he’d opted out.  He also took part in the deployment of microwave weapons in order to torture others, after which they were later turned on him.   He tells us why he blew the whistle below…

Secret Surveillance and Electromagnetic Torture by the Secret Services

 Raum und Zeit German Magazine 

This is another more informative interview vis the Raum und Zeit magazine with Carl Clarke.  The story told by Carl Clark will partially take your breath away.   The Englishman describes how he targeted people and then became a target himself after he’d opted out. He also took part in the deployment of microwave weapons in order to torture others, after which they were later turned on him. “These criminal shenanigans need to be exposed in public so that they can be stopped.” He describes below why he blew the whistle…

English version of this interviewCarl ClarkInterview English

German version of this interviewCarl Clark Interview German


Some Common Examples of Tactics Inside/Outside your Home…

Please NOTE:  There are endless variations of tactics the perpetrators do to make a Target look and sound crazy/paranoid.  This list below is only a summary to give you an idea of the types of tactics the perpetrators do to make a Target look and sound paranoid.

If you are a Target you will easily recognize these types of tactics.

  • Pets outside when you go out – but inside when you come home  or vice versa
  • Items you have used recently are moved from where you left them – but returned to their rightful place after you have noticed (Even if you have all your curtains shut – and think no-one can see inside your house this tactic still happens).
  • Items inside your home being swapped for similar ones – again once you notice the original item has been replaced – it is then swapped back shortly after (eg: The lounge light shade is fawn in color and then you notice an off white one that is very similar has replaced it).
    (It is not uncommon to have hanging light fittings to be replaced with similar light fittings eg – a 5 bulb fitting changed to an identical one with 4 bulbs)
  • Clothes in your wardrobe suddenly inside the wardrobe in another bedroom –  (In some cases clothes are slashed, or take on a putrid smell).
  • Doors locked when you went out but unlocked when you come home.
  • Doors locked when you went to bed for the night but unlocked or open when you awake in the morning.
  • Deep scratches may appear eg: on the bench – but suddenly disappear within a short time (overnight/in a day or so) after you have noticed.
  • Taps turned on (but not faulty) so they will drip – but weren’t like  that when you went out for the day.
  • Stains that you didn’t make suddenly appearing on your carpet.
  • Garden ornaments being slightly moved to face a different way.
  • Small plants you have recently planted in the garden – moved slightly, or re-placed to the opposite side of garden. 
  • Electrical items randomly switching themselves on/off (But they are not faulty).
  • Electrical items malfunctioning constantly – But no apparent cause.
  • Computer hacked – on a regular basis.
  • Emails – sabotaged.
  • Thuds, bangs, tapping on and inside the walls – particularly at night.
  • Set noises are staged to happen eg: Each time a Target uses the toilet when home alone – EG. Each time you go to the toilet you may hear a lawnmower start-up.
  • Hang up/wrong number phone calls: Extreme amount of these.
  • Mail tampering – Mail arriving late or not receiving it.  Signs of it having been opened before you receive it.
  • Strangers mimicking private conversations you have had in privacy.

How to Tame a Demon By Robert Duncan
This is an excellent book for victims. It gives an overview of what victims experience and gives excellent advice.  He also highlights the common traps victims fall into.

Well worth reading!

Click the image to the right
To view/purchase the book



Some Common Tactics on the Street
also known as
Organized Stalking, Gangstalking, Street theatre
Please NOTE:  Just like the tactics in and around the home above, there are endless variations of tactics the perpetrators do to a Target on the street, or when out and about.  The list below is only a summary…

  • Having 5-20 different people, or more, strategically placed to – for example, look with a hateful look at the Targeted Individual.

    They are all strangers, they are all rude. They appear every time the TI is out, and it can take many different expressions.  Sometimes it looks like they have some kind of scheme, and the harassment follows a pattern, and when it achieves a certain stage, they reset themselves and it starts all over again.

    These strange patterns can include someone always blinking their eyes at you in the same odd manner, dirty looks, reading the time on an imaginary watch, pushing in front of you each time you are waiting in line for something.
  • Each time you purchase something someone always seems to be standing close to watch the transaction.
  • People in cars near your home or workplace getting your attention then taking off.
  • Bullying at work, friends, and family suddenly lost – leading to Isolation.
  • False rumors start going around about you to discredit you.
  • Items removed from your vehicle and later found in your house, or vice versa.
  • A high/abnormal amount of people appear around you wearing the same colored clothes (This can include a certain colored car, but not necessarily the same model of car following you each time you drive down the street).
  • You realize you have a twin look-alike – That eerily looks so much like you that family, close friends, work colleagues start accusing you of ignoring them in the street, or say they thought they saw you but knew you weren’t in town at the time, but comment on how identical to you, this person is. 

    Note: This person can randomly appear on/off, for years and strangely always seems to
    keep up with the same hair color/style, clothing styles as you have, and often drives a car similar to the one you drive.

An excellent booklet by Eleanor White about Stalking – the psychologies behind it and common tactics used pages 1-28. Includes some easily assessable technologies used by these stalkers – Coping with the Crime of Organized Stalking & Electronic Harassment.

Video Of Police admitting they are aware of stalking/gangstalking View here 

What to Do If You Are Experiencing the Above

If you are a Targeted Individual, note everything that is done to you


Diary – Enter everything into a diary – Record everything you notice that is out of place/swapped/damaged  – take photos.

Note:  Once you have recorded these things try to switch off from it – let the anger/fear go and focus on positive things.

  • Don’t go looking for items that may have been moved,  just record the ones you notice while going about you natural routines – otherwise you will end up obsessed/paranoid which is the desired result the criminals/perpetrators want.They want you to feel like you are going nuts and they want you to be diagnosed as that, so your credibility will be ZERO.
  • Double check you have locked up before going out and confirm this in your  diary
  • If you are living alone – if possible get a trusted friend/family member to stay with you.
  • If you have access to a hidden camera – Try using it.  There may be a time the criminals/perpetrators slip up.
  • Change your locks – This may add temporary relief to you (but is not likely to stop theUN-detected break-ins long-term).
  • Some victims find it helpful to put a broom up under the door handle while they sleep in their bedroom.  Or to stick a flat knife inside the door frame so the handle of the knife is protruding across part of the door – this acts like an internal lock on the inside of your room that cannot be tampered with.
  • Meditation and reading encouraging books on raising good strong thoughts about yourself.
  • When these antics are high – remind yourself – These tactics are well organized to make you sound nutty, look nutty and to eventually go nutty.  It is important to stay in control.  Remember there are many others experiencing the same as you.  You are not nuts and you are not alone.
  • Report your suspicions to the police – Even if there is no proof – this may help to build a good record to at a later date, once victims of this organized crime are taken seriously –  The cases will be stronger.  If possible take someone with you when reporting it.   Make sure you get a copy of the report and make extra copies so you can hide them in a few different places.

Important notes for Targeted Individuals


  • In some cases, your targeting may get worse while you go through this process in order to stop you from continuing to get help.  Try to get a trusted support person to help you through the process.
  • If this is not possible join in with other victims on blogs (you trust), so others can support you through this.
  • At the end of the day – The criminals/perpetrators don’t need a reason to up the tactics, but at least by reporting your case anyway – you are giving a message of – This is not acceptable and I will fight.
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