Technologies and History of

Directed Energy Weapons  

and associated issues  
That Target the Brain!

Directed energy weapons are also known as, DEW weapons, Biological weapons, Microwave weapons, Sonic weapons, Infrasonic weapons, Infra-sound weapons,  Psychotronic/Psychotropic Weapons, Nano Technology, Active Denial Technology, Less Lethal/Non-lethal Weapons.  These technologies can…

These Technologies Can…

CREATE  FAKE symptoms of any…

  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Mental Illness


  • Organ Failure

Their Effects are Known As:

  • Controlled effects
  • Altered states
  • Mind Altering and mind control
  • Brain entrapment
  • Domestic terrorism/torture
  • Electronic torture/harassment
  • Electronic terrorism
  • Remote Neural Monitoring

Technologies that also Have Covert Monitoring/Tracking Capabilities…

Technologies that Leave NO Trace!


History and capabilities of directed energy weapons

Technologies used…



On many Un-witting Citizens




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There are also many books by credible authors about these technologies and their uses – See BOOK section

Retired Military Microwave Specialist,

Physicist & former British Agent - Dr Barrie Trower - Explains the abuses of Directed Energy Weapons by trusted professionalsPhysicist & former British Agent –
Dr Barrie Trower – Explains the abuses
by trusted professionals below:-


Note: Below clip done in 2010 – There is a list of non-consenting public citizens that are test subjects of remotely run microwave weaponry!  He includes some of the damages/effects that Microwave Technologies have on these selected individuals – eg: severe health effects, voices beamed into the head etc.. View video below – (15 min)

30 Minute Reality Update

Dr Barry Trower talks more about the histories and abuses of microwave technologies – including children being murdered, FAKE symptoms of any injury, illness, mental illness and the capabilities these weapons have of re-activating the plague.

For more information about what these Non-consenting victims endureHere

Is an invisible weapon Targeting U.S. Diplomats?
(CBS News – 60 Minutes – 18th March 2019)

Cuba & China U.S Diplomats Speak Out

The three in the video below: Are among at least 15 American officials in China who say they suffered unexplained brain trauma after being attacked by a mysterious weapon in 2016. Previously, 26 Americans who worked in the U.S. embassy in Cuba said they also experienced an attack and have similar symptoms.

The government employees weren’t the only ones targeted. Their spouses, children, and family pets also exhibited neurological symptoms after hearing strange sounds in their homes.

While some reporting has claimed the victims were suffering from mass hysteria, not from some sort of attack, the producers say their own reporting doesn’t back that up.

“There are a lot of elements here that just discount the idea of this being mass hysteria,” Zill de Granados said. Read more here

Scientists Suspect Microwaves (weaponry systems) Used in Attacks on US Diplomats in Cuba and China

CNN News – 3rd September 2018

They’ve been described as “sonic attacks” — bizarre, unexplained head injuries that spurred the United States to bring home diplomatic staff from China and Cuba.  Now scientists are saying the ailments could have been caused by microwave weapons.

Diplomats Think that Sonic Weaponry Attacks Could be Going on Around the World

CBS Miami – December 13th 2018

About 4.20-min into this video below, they mention that a lawyer representing these diplomats states: 

The diplomats think that these types of attacks could be going on around the world, and spin back for decades.

Some of the diplomats have stated that they felt some kind of beam on them, and when they left the room they were in at the time of an attack, the effects subsided, but when they returned to the room they felt the effects again.

It’s also Worth Noting:

The diplomats above mention symptoms that many Targeted Individuals (un-witting public citizens) have been experiencing, and reporting for decades. Yet most Targeted Individuals end up being maimed as mentally ill when they report their effects!

The symptoms that many of these diplomats complain of include, Pressure & pain in the head, that at times was almost paralyzing: Pressure & pain in ears, Happen often at night in bed: Pets and their children became sick with mystery illnesses: Nausea: Hearing loud sounds, Hearing voices & messages, Hearing loss: Symptoms of having concussion (without actually causing concussion), Disorientation, Dizziness.

U.S Embassy Staff in Moscow Microwaved 

Beams of microwaves from Soviet sources aimed at the US embassy building in Moscow were detected since 1953, increasing in intensity in 1975.

The staff at this embassy also got many disturbing effects and illnesses.  There is still some secrecy about the extent of the effects on the staff.

More information Here


2019 – Thousands in China Exposed to ‘Mind Control’ Technology Seek Answers

Newspaper articles18 September 2019, The Epoch Times 

The secretive technology is kept under wraps, but tens of thousands in China say they have suffered from its deleterious effects.

Through online forums, many have shared about how they suddenly experienced mind-altering symptoms, such as hearing voices or seeing images that others can’t. They believe they have been targeted by authorities as unwitting “mind control technology” test subjects.

A China-based NGO, whose name translates to “Against Concealed Technical Control” in English, was established to assist victims of such attacks to file lawsuits against local authorities.

The Chinese-language Epoch Times interviewed several victims as well as the NGO’s representative, who recounted their experiences. View article

2019 – Brain-reading tech is coming.The law is not ready to protect us.

Various articles from media websites for targeted individuals.30 August 2019, Vox Media

“Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull.” That’s from George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, published in 1949. The comment is meant to highlight what a repressive surveillance state the characters live in, but looked at another way, it shows how lucky they are: At least their brains are still private.

Over the past few weeks, Facebook and Elon Musk’s Neuralink have announced that they’re building tech to read your mind — literally.

This might sound like science fiction, but it’s already begun to change people’s lives. Over the past dozen years, a number of paralyzed patients have received brain implants that allow them to move a computer cursor or control robotic arms. Implants that can read thoughts are still years away from commercial availability, but research in the field is moving faster than most people realize.

Your brain, the final privacy frontier, may not be private much longer…View article

DARPA Adviser Admits Sonic Weapons Are Used On Unwitting Public Citizens

20 July 2019

DARPA, European Human Brain Project, and Pentagon advisor Dr. James Giordano confirms Electromagnetic Sonic Weaponry systems do exist and are being used on public citizens.

These systems have the capabilities to, track, alter states of mind, control thoughts, speech, moods, create voices/sounds in the head, mimic any illness or injury, as well as to give a person any illness or injury, via these remotely run systems that run on the electromagnetic spectrum.  You can read more about what these systems do – Here.

Dr Giordano exposes the military agenda of having an interest in the potential to weaponize, and MIS-USE  the brain science for political, military and intelligence uses. Read article here or View video below

The Death Ray

(Jesse Ventura on Conspiracy TV)

Jesse – Demonstrates directed energy weapons, how they can harm a person, the connection these weapons had on 911 & that most of the inventors of this ray died suddenly.

Dick Cheney Feared his Heart Device maybe Hacked by TerroristsDick Cheney Feared his Heart Device maybe
Hacked by Terrorists

Former U.S Vice President Dick Cheney has struggled with coronary disease since his first heart attack in 1978, at age 37 years.

He had two more heart attacks while in Congress, in 1984 and 1988 and suffered another in 2000 as well as another in 2010.  In 2001, doctors implanted a monitoring device to keep track of Cheney’s heart rhythm and slow it down if necessary.

Dick Cheneys’ doctors replaced an implanted defibrillator near his heart in 2007. This device can detect irregular heartbeats and control them with electrical jolts.  His cardiologist Johnathan Reiner stated…

Turned off the device’s wireless function –
In case a Terrorist tried to send his heart a fatal shock


Mind Control – Remote Neural Monitoring:

(Daniel Estulin and Magnus Olsson)

Russia Today interviews Magnus Olsson, who, despite being victimized himself, worked hard for several years to expose one the biggest human rights abuses of our times – connecting people against their will and knowledge to computers via implants of the size of a few nanometers – leading to a complete destruction of not only their lives and health, but also personalities and identities.

Brain Invaders

(Jesse Ventura on Conspiracy TV)

Jesse interviews victims of remote electronic harassment/torture. Includes testimonials from inventors of this technology…

Everyday technologies contain microchips that have the capabilities to spy on unwitting citizensEveryday Citizens are Bugging their Own Homes

(Without Knowing It)

Advancing technologies such as the RFID microchip are making this easily possible.  Most people today are aware that items such as bank cards/records, medical records, passports, driver licenses, elderly people, Alzheimer patients, pets, cell phones etc are embedded with the microchips.

All these items can also be interlinked with each other within the RFID networks.

The microchip is often smaller than a grain of rice and operates like a computer, receiving/sending/storing data, recording in real-time, tracking and used for many medical applications including medicine delivery, enabling deaf people to hear, paraplegics to move limbs and organ monitoring.

These tiny chips can communicate from a remote source within the wireless networks such as Wifi, satellite, cell towers etc.

Many technologies today are embedded with tiny microchips that communicate through these wireless networks.

These technologies are around us all the time – When out and about – In the work-place & in the home environment.  We don’t usually look at our electronics in the home and think of what’s inside it.

Our main concern is that the item works. But the day has come to take notice of the advancing list of technologies embedded with RFID chips and the growing list of capabilities these chips have.  Read more

Interview with DR Barry Trower
by Dr Henning Whitte – (September 2012)

Former MI5 agent Barrie Trower is a physicist who worked for British intelligence. There he got secret knowledge about the huge danger of electro-smog = scalar waves and microwave radiation in our cell phone and Wi-Fi technology.

Chosen Targets!
Known as
Targeted Individuals


Dr Trower reveals how intelligence agencies misuse microwaves,
To influence people’s bodies & even the brain!

They can induce pain everywhere in the body and illness, even heart attacks and every form of cancer.

They can control your mind by reading your thoughts, changing your thoughts, spying on your memory, change or erase it.

They can remote control a human totally without the targeted individual knowing about it.

People can be programmed to be a living video-camera, kid-or sex-machine.

More informations from Henning Witte at White TVHere

Radio Frequency Mind Control And Targeted Individuals

(History Channel)

Explains the brain runs on a natural frequency and how outside frequencies can be used to hack into the human mind to read thoughts and direct voices into the head.

Voices can be beamed into a persons head

Voice to Skull Bone Conduction Technology used in Advertising!

2013 – A new form of Advertising is emerging in the public arena. This technology uses bone conduction to…

Putting Voiced Adverts Directly Inside your Head
   See more here


Electronic Harassment

(A look at what victims endure – KMIR News – November 2012)

More on What Victims Endure

Read the short story below – About what victims endure Pages 1-7.
Page 8 onward includes plenty of credible information with directions to the informative links page – to back/up the histories and usages of these tactics etc  Re below…

What Happened to Eileen (e-book)

The True Story-The Bourne Identity

(History Channel)

This is a summary of the documentary about the ‘Bourne Identity’ early days of experiments on controlling the human mind and creating assassination with no memory of their killing actions.

The CIA and various government departments carried out these experiments on their own people as well as 1000’s of unwitting/non-consenting innocent citizens.

Terrorism and Mental Health:
The Issue of Psychological Fragility

(October 2009)
Journal of Pakistan Medical Association
Amin Muhammad – Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

Amin Muhammad Gadit is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Memorial University of NewfoundlandOf late, there are reports of a new and dreadful invention of weapons of violence that are called Bio-electromagnetic Weapons. According to the description by an Institute of Science in Society, these weapons operate at the speed of light, can kill, torture and enslave without making a physical appearance.

It further adds that voices and visions, daydreams and nightmares are the most astonishing manifestations of this weapon system, it is also capable of crippling the human subject by limiting his/her normal range of movement, causing acute pain the equivalent of major organ failure or even death and interferes with normal functions of human senses.

It can cause difficulty with breathing and induce seizures besides damage to the tissues and organs.

Through this form of terrorism, it is possible to persuade subjects that their mind is being read; their intellectual property is being plundered and can even motivate suicide or murder.

Pulsed Energy Projectiles (PEPs) are another form of weaponry that is used to paralyze a victim with pain. According to Peter Philips, a scientist from USA, circumstances may soon arrive in which anti-war or human right protestors suddenly feel a burning sensation akin to touching a hot skillet over their entire body.

Simultaneously they may hear terrifying nauseating screaming, which while not produced externally, fills their brains with overwhelming disruption.

This new invention is dreadful addition to the armamentarium of weapons of abuse and torture. Manifestations of the effects of these occult weapons can mimic mental ill health and add further to the misery of the victims…  More here

See Amin Muhammad’s biography

Make up Your Own Mind about HIDDEN

(Mind-Altering Technologies in our communities)

Interview  with Lars Drudgaard and Jesse Beltran
from the 

International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies (

In this interview they tell us all the information you need, to make up your own mind about HIDDEN Mind-Altering Technologies in our communities.

Lars and Jesse from the International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies

 To Listen to Interview in English – CLICK  Here
(Please note: The interview reverts to ENGLISH at about 7.50 min)
More on what these victims can endure here

Intentional Radio Frequency Targeting

Affects Olympic Performance, Leaves No Trace
Mother Earth Journal – 8th July 2012
By journalist Terri Hansen

A high-level official of a nation participating in the Olympic Games asked Trower and other experts to explain the microwave technology – what was happening and how, after they noted unexplained radio frequency in the microwave range concentrated around their Olympic athletes, as well as a prime minister, and some of the country’s ministers.

Trower’s investigation produced a lengthy document in which he explained that government officials can be targeted, “to make false decisions, bad decisions, or blackmail.”

Microwave radiation can be used to induce lethargy, or stimulate, the Olympic athletes, Trower said. “There are frequencies you can use to stimulate the brain, the body’s hormones, and (cause) enzymes to be released,” said Trower. “Then, you are giving your athlete a distinct advantage (because) technically it would be untraceable.” Trower says theoretically the athletes targeted in this way could win most gold medals, especially in some athletic categories. Full article here

U.S Army Report: – FOIA (Freedom of information act)  Document

If this document doesn’t show below – You can view it Here

Declassified – Bio-effects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons

Reported Biological Effects and Clinical Manifestations
Attributed to Microwave and Radio‐Frequency Radiation – 1971

If this document doesn’t show below – You can view it Here

 The Mind has NO Firewall

By Timothy L. Thomas

U.S Army war College – Published 1998

The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors.  They include, but are not limited to, the chemical-electrical activity of the brain, heart, and peripheral nervous system, the signals sent from the cortex region of the brain to other parts of our body, the tiny hair cells in the inner ear that process auditory signals, and the light-sensitive retina and cornea of the eye that process visual activity.

If this document doesn’t show below – You can view it Here

Radio-frequency/Microwaves List of Reports about various effects of day to day technologies 

Technology, Mind Security and Cybernetic Warfare 

(2011) Radio interview – Dr John Hall and Dr Robert Duncan

Dr Robert Duncan & Dr John Hall

Dr Hall and Dr Duncan will literally give you something to think about for two highly detailed hours, discussing topics such as electronic harassment, stalking, mind control, and science and technology abuse.  LISTEN to Interview Here

Dr Hall and Dr Duncan have both written books on these subjects.  You can View/Purchase them Here.

Newspaper articlesPutin Targets Foes with ‘ZOMBIE’ Gun which Attack Victims’ Central Nervous System

31 March 2012 – Online News

(Please note – these weapons are not new)

Plans to introduce the super-weapons were announced quietly last week by Russian defence minister Anatoly Serdyukov, fulfilling  a little-noticed election campaign pledge by president-elect Putin.

Research into electromagnetic weapons has been SECRETLY carried out in the US and Russia since the Fifties.

However, previous research has shown that low-frequency waves or beams can affect brain cells, alter psychological states and make it possible to transmit suggestions and commands directly into someone’s thought processes.

High doses of microwaves can damage the functioning of internal organs, control behavior or even drive victims to suicide.

‘When it was used for dispersing a crowd and it was focused on a man, his body temperature went up immediately as if he was thrown into a hot frying pan. kov, fulfilling a little-noticed election campaign pledge by president-elect Putin.

Research into electromagnetic weapons has been SECRETLY carried out in the US and Russia since the Fifties.  However, previous research has shown that low-frequency waves or beams can affect brain cells, alter psychological states and make it possible to transmit suggestions and commands directly into someone’s thought processes.  

High doses of microwaves can damage the functioning of internal organscontrol behavior or even drive victims to suicide.‘When it was used for dispersing a crowd and it was focused on a man, his body temperature went up immediately as if he was thrown into a hot frying panView article here

Psychotronic and Electromagnetic Weapons:

Remote Control of the Human Nervous System
Global – 21 January 2013

The world media reacted to this hint on the open use of psychotronic weapons by the publication of scientific experiments from the 1960‘s where electromagnetic waves were used to transmit simple sounds into the human brain.

However, most of them avoided saying …
That since then,

Extensive Scientific Research – Has Been Carried Out In this Area

Throughout the World!

Transmitting human speech into the human brain by means of electromagnetic waves is apparently, for the researchers, one of the most difficult tasks.

It must be much easier to control human emotions which motivate human thinking, decision making, and actions.

People who claim to be victims of experiments with those devices complain, aside of hearing voices, of false feelings (including orgasms) as well of aches of internal organs which the physicians are unable to diagnose.
View full article here

NOTE: This is a worldwide problem. Voices beamed into the head is very common – So it is doubtful that it is hard to do.

Newspaper articlesPutin to Psychotronic War

31 July 2012 Elespectador International

The development of psychotronic weapons-wave devices by controlling the thoughts, feelings
and human behavior – has remained hidden for over five decades.

So there is a disproportionate amount of speculative information about it and many think it is pure science

But recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin endorsed his psychotronic weapons
program, suggesting that progress has not stopped them and that Russia is preparing for
future wars. It’s hard to believe that the other powers do not. View article here

The Neuro Revolution

 – Is a book recommendation for victims of Neuroscience Research

To view/Purchase this BookClick Here

Electonic Monitoring & Microwave Weapons Testing:
Just a Symptom of the Bigger Problem!

International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies
(21 May 2012 – The Truth Denied Talk Radio

‘Suspect Nation – Complete Surveillance RFID

(Full Documentary)

Journalist Henry Porter embarks on a journey to look at the surveillance technologies (including RFID microchips) being used in the UK and US today and what lies ahead.

Approximately 35 minutes through a documentary – Henry also sees security expert Adam Laurie demonstrate how insecure many of these technologies are – 2006.

More information on Microchips including illegal implantation of non-consenting citizens – Here 


Newspaper articlesKiwi ATM Hacker Dies at 35

27 July 2013 –

A prominent New Zealand hacker who discovered a way to have ATM machines spit out cash and was set to deliver a talk about hacking pacemakers and other wireless implantable medical devices has died in San Francisco.  The headline of his talk was, “IMPLANTABLE MEDICAL DEVICES: HACKING HUMANS”.
Jack died on Thursday (local time), although the cause of death is still under investigation, San Francisco Deputy Coroner Kris Barbrich said… More here

The Human Brain Project

Video Interview with – Robert Naeslund -Sweden
(November 2012)

Human V2.0

CNN (BBC Broadcast) 

Interlocking the Human Brain/Mind with computers!

 Histories – How far we have come, 
The future of how advanced this technology will get.

Sorry the video for this has been taken off line!!  I have left the title above on here – As sometimes these videos come back online.

RFID Chip Procedure! Obama Care 2014

(November 2011)

Informative video below: President Obama Care will Require ALL
Americans to be implanted with RFID Chips by 2014! 


NOTE: Once this starts it will soon spread into other countries!

Hidden voices

Voice  TO Skull also known as V2K: Synthetic Telepathy by MindTech – Sweden View here

NOTE: (Synthetic Telepathy can also read thoughts)



Defender Device to alleviate Synthetic Telepathy Effects


Video 2011: Henning Witte (German lawyer) interviews Magnus Olssen (targeted individual) about his experience using the Defender device to alleviate synthetic telepathy effects.

Since more than 60 years TI’s (targeted individuals) have tried to escape the Mind Control torture.

Now two TI’s have tested the Defender from the American company QuWave positive.

The Defender works with scalar waves. That is crucial evidence, that the Mind Control torturers are also working with scalar waves.

Officially scalar waves are denied by stupid or corrupt physicists but in secret they are used, in the HAARP facility.


(1) If you are looking at getting a device, or any form of shielding for electronic (brain/body) attacks – OFTEN what works for one person, doesn’t always work for another. 

(2) Sometimes, if a form of shielding works for an individual, it is only temporary, due to the various methods the attacks are generated from. 

Microwave Auditory Effect (Voices beamed to the head) V2K:

Synthetic Telepathy and the Mind Wars by Richard Alan Miller  
NOTE: (Synthetic Telepathy can also read thoughts)

If the document below doesn’t load – View here

Remote Neural Monitoring Program of the NSAView here

Making a Killing – The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugs

(Full documentary)

An excellent documentary about the hidden agenda of the drug companies and the BILLIONS of DOLLARS they PROFIT.  Also covers the fact that psychotic drugs actually cause psychotic symptoms.   Aprox 37 min in – talks about the DSM-5 2012 changes.

The Weapons of Mass Coercion: 

The Hidden use of  Energy Weapons, HAARP, and Chemtrails for Political Control:  Gives a good explanation of what targeted Individuals experience.

(Note:  This article explains how a person can be tracked remotely by their bio-energetic signature – pg 20)

If document below doesn’s show View here

The Invisible Machine – History Channel Documentary

(About high energy electromagnetic weapons) 

Declassified Human Experimentation

History Channel – Documentary

History about trusted government departments deliberately infecting innocent citizens with Biological poisons – In cities, near schools, – Railway stations etc.

NOT one Doctor or Government employee was held accountable!

Summary of Mind-Altering/Mind Control Histories

Mind Control – For those who want to know View here

Surveillance Issues – Australia – includes patents on Technologies TAB at  – View here

For a wide range of information on associated topics View here

Want to – A wide range of information on associated topics View here
(includes newspaper articles, De-classified documents etc)


Popular books about these Technologies – See Book page

Targeting the Human with Directed Energy Weapons 

Dr. Reinhard Munzert (Created on May 7, 2003)

New arms threaten and destroy lives in strange ways. Directed energy weapons are among the high-tech arms of the century. They hurt and kill with electromagnetic power.  Microwave weapons can be aimed at computers, electrical devices,  and persons.  They have strong physical and psychological effects and can be used for military and terrorist activities. These weapons are also part of crimes (in Europe) that almost nobody knows except the victims and the offenders.  Until now they make the perfect crime possible.  No doubt, these weapons have a terrible future. 

Key Points  
Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) 

DEW and Crime Topic 1  
Manipulated Microwave Oven  
Magnetrons and Generators  
Intelligent Antenna Systems 
Topic 2  
Anti-Electronics Weapon 
Anti-Personnel Weapon 
Psychological Effects 
Topic 3 
DEW and Crime 
License to Kill 
Perfect Crime 
Mental Strength & Fighting Back 
Perfect Crime? 
DEW and Terrorism 

Topic 4 
DEW as Terrorist Weapon  
Unseen Terror Attack 
Prevention and Protection 
New Threats and Dangers  
Crime and Terrorism 
Recognizing and Knowing 
Prevention and Elimination  
Future Weapon! -Terrible Future? 
New Technology in Crime 
Activities and Sources 

There is a new,  effective weapon for criminals and terrorists. Law-breakers often misuse modern technology. Through the illegal usage of innovative high-tech weapons,  people are not “shot”, rather their living quarters are bathed in (high frequency) electromagnetic waves for a length of time. Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) are mostly intended for military purposes (U.S. Air Force, Russian and Chinese armies). High-tech company Raytheon states about DEW:  “We believe they are a critical element of how ultimately wars will be fought. HPM (High power microwaves) is the most mature right now” (in Fulghum & Wall 2002). 

The renowned German newspaper “DIE WELT” acknowledges microwave weapons as arms of the 21st century.  In another German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung, a weapons expert has recommended the police to procure microwave (MW) weapons for police use.  Considering what certain criminals know about MW weapons, they have a significant advantage over the police until now. This puts the victims in extreme danger. 
A primitive variation of a MW weapon would look like this: A microwave oven from the kitchen with the protective shielding removed from the door and replaced by a metal funnel. And then the waves can get through walls (Pictures 1, 2, 3). 
The effects of the MW beam on the victims include extreme weariness, headache, irregular heartbeat,  diarrhea, painful testis, damaged nervous system and internal organs, burned skin and eye damage. Later effects include blindness, heart attack, stroke and cancer. In the last months by some victims, cancerous tumors have been  diagnosed.  In addition to that, victims (through intrigue and defamation) are seen as psychotic and dangerous; thus, they are completely helpless.  At the same time, the new weapons (for certain contractors) are tested under ordinary circumstances and constantly improved. 

HPM crimes are a new kind of crime with some very new characteristics. The International Union of Radio Science emphasizes in a resolution of 1999 on Criminal Activities using Electromagnetic Tools: “The fact that criminal activities using electromagnetic tools can be undertaken covertly and anonymously and that physical boundaries such as fences and walls can be penetrated by electromagnetic fields.” 

Expert Pevler stresses: “The development of high-power microwave (HPM weaponry, and its proliferation into subversive organizations, offers the means to commit the ‘perfect crime’.  HPM attacks typically leave no residual evidence and their effects can range from nuisance to catastrophic” (1997). 

The HPM-weapons that the high-tech gang uses supply continuous or pulsed waves over long periods of time – especially in the night – from cars or vans or buildings around the target/person(s).  They use magnetrons, microwave-generators,  amplifiers, integrated systems.  In addition, they apply through-wall imaging methods.  There are already over 40 known victims in Germany, some of them even have been attacked while in hospital.  But the police doesn’t understand these new weapons.

Besides this the criminals use tactics of information warfare: Know all about  the victims, let them know nothing about you, information dominance, disrupt the communication systems of the victims. 

The criminal network has at its disposal plentiful first class technical  know-how and high quality equipment.  That assures high efficiency and precision strikes and enables to operate from cars or vans.  The MW generators/transmitters can be camouflaged in an attaché case or hidden in a small suitcase. 

Only through cooperative work between electronic specialists and physicists have we been able to shine a revealing light on this special high-tech criminal activity. For experts: The (pulsed) waves of two or more transmitters  [MW generators] interfere in the target zone, and through that, strengthen their effects. There are also parabolic antennas modified to transmitters.  Besides this, intelligent (adaptive) antenna systems (numerous small transmitters connected, instead of few large ones; for example, hidden in parked cars) will be used. Sometimes frequency hopping is employed. These methods work over several hundred feet, if everything is well adjusted. 
We could find out where (electronic) components for highly potent MW weapons or whole systems (pictures 4, 5, 6) can be bought legally. 

The criminals follow a double strategy: One way the victims are weakened, injured, tortured and intimidated.  On the other side, the victims experience extreme, unbelievable things; almost no one can believe their reports.  Most interpret the information from the victims as chimerical thinking.  Some experts who work for the German Army or Nato know very well about MW weapons, but secrecy keeps them from talking too much about in public.  In several German cities there are complaints of serious physical injury.  One attorney represents the interests of many victims.  About 40 victims have built a community of interests. We are aware of many cases with amazing similarities that have been reported in the last few months.  We have names and addresses of many victims and the circumstances of the cases. We also have the names and addresses of some perpetrators. 
In some cases, the lifestyles of the criminals are well known to us.  Similar to terrorists, many pretend good citizenship or student lifestyles to cover their crimes. Conventional criminal activities, (i.e. urglary) are undertaken by normal gangsters or former members of the Stasi (which was the secret service of former GDR). In this network, they have division of labor and a support structure that includes foreigners as well. 
Terrorists could use MW as anti-electronics weapons too.  With HP microwaves, they can attack the electronics of computers, cars, airplanes and so on successfully [see the other papers of the Workshop W8].  They can use microwave weapons (radio frequency weapons) to damage electronic systems in an unseen attack with all those bad consequences. 

Additional points to be covered in the workshop:  Detection of microwaves and protection against attacks. 

All that has nothing to do with MW beam fright, but is criminal high-tech forced on the people.  It is frightening that these weapons are being increasingly used by criminals and terrorists. 

[home] created on May 7,  2003 Original  article  


This above article was written in 2002.   Many of the tactics above can be done remotely eg:  From Satellites etc.  
Technology is advancing all the time at a fast pace, and each day the number of people that have realized they are victims of something highly organized is increasing steadily. 
Thousands all over the world (including New Zealanders) have reached out to their law enforcement agencies, government departments, etc to get help but have NOT been believed, or have been maimed as mentally ill before they could reach out. 

Governmental departments hide under the banner of…

“Classified Information”

Therefore: This Invisible Crime Continues Torturing and Killing many Today.
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