The Microchip Connection and You – Part One

Microchips - What they don't tell you...A concerning type of science is rapidly developing that has serious capabilities of victimizing innocent citizens– resulting in serious health risks, privacy violations, freedoms being lost, information/identity theft, and in some cases death – as well as unethical practices being applied. 

This science involves the use of involuntary implantation of microchips into humans and can and has been known, to have been done without knowledge or consent of the individual!

For these individuals, the microchips are implanted into various parts of their body, and they often have multiple (more than 1) implants in them.

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There are also many public citizens being made to get microchips inserted as a requirement of their employment (ID cards), while others are voluntarily lining up to have a microchip implant for reasons  such as to purchase items

Due to this Electronic Technology 
Interfacing with computers…


It allows for systems to be hacked into,

Leading to Severe Consequences…

For the micro-chipped individual!

2018 – As the website states: Employers’ motivations for introducing chip implants are unlikely to be entirely altruistic.

There is nothing to stop them from using the technology to track employees’ whereabouts or activities outside work.

The chips can be reprogrammed while inside the body, modifying their use and purpose from what might have initially been agreed between the employer and the employee.

And this ability to track an employee‘s location without their knowledge raises serious ethical concerns regarding their right to privacy.

Read more: Microchip implants are threatening workers’ rights


A Microchip – Such a Tiny Communication Device

Some Targeted Individuals have had implants show up in various scans/x-rays.

Encased in glass and often smaller than a grain of rice, yet a microchip has circuitry and transmitters inside that function fully through radio frequency (just like your Cell phone, Television/radio does).

This radio frequency is tuned in to a set frequency band so the appropriate information can be read from the scanned microchip.

The microchip is basically a miniature computer system, and some have GPS  tracking capabilities to track your where-abouts.

There are Two Types of  Functions to Read the Data
on RFID Microchips:

(1)  Passive – RFID microchips/tags don’t have an internal power source.

This means the information/data on the chip cannot be read until it is powered by the RFID scanner/reader.

This reader sends out electromagnetic/microwaves that induce a current in the tag’s antenna. (eg: like the one your vet use on your micro-chipped pets). 

(2)  Active – RFID tags have a transmitter and their own power source (typically a battery).

The power source is used to run the microchip’s circuitry and to broadcast a signal (via microwave(radio)  frequencies) to a reader – The way a cell phone transmits signals to a base station.

In other words, these microchips can be read
from a remote distance.

  • A human microchip implant is usually an integrated circuit device or RFID (Radio-frequency identification) transponder encased in silicate glass and implanted in the body of a human being.
  • (RFID) is run wirelessly via non-contact radio system to transfer data from your inserted microchip, for the purposes of automatic identification, information and tracking etc.
  • Some microchips require no battery and are powered by remote radio waves to read them.
  • These chips are often the size of a grain of rice or smaller and contain a unique ID number that can be linked by computerized technology to the information contained in an external database (that can be read from a remote device).
  • Microchips can be inserted easily by an intravenous needle, in pill form, through an open wound and surgical/dental procedures.

Today many writings by trusted professionals, portray the message that (RFID) microchip technology has many great benefits, so we should all be grateful & agreeable to have the computer-generated RFID microchips inserted into everything eg;- bank cards, passports, every pet and many products such as clothing and grocery items (within the barcode), medical devices such as pacemakers etc and ourselves!

They also portray they have security mechanisms such as an encrypted network, and passwords etc.

Even if they do have these (what they call) security methods in place, they can still be HACKED INTO!

Computer technology has been around long enough for most people to know that a computer can be hacked into. It is also well known that banks and even government departments have been hacked into, and they claim to have had the best security measures in place at the time.

Well, it’s no different when it comes to microchip technology, given they are a mini-computer type piece of technology.

Microchips – What they Don’t Tell You

Computer technology has been around long enough for most people to know that a computer can be hacked into. It is also well known that banks and even government departments have been hacked into, and they claim to have had the best security measures in place at the time.

Well, it’s no different when it comes to microchip technology, given they are a mini-computer type piece of technology.

Victim of hacker “terrified” by identity theft

25 September 2017 – CBS Evening News:  In this video below the news team interview a man that had his identity stolen via computer technology.  The Hackers stole his data, including passport details, social security details, bank account passwords etc, and put it up for sale on the “Dark Web’.

Once this happens others can buy this information very cheaply and steal your money and identity.  It is not as easy as you think to prove this has happened, or to prove who you really are, once your identity is stolen.


PLEASE NOTE: It is even easier for a microchip to be hacked, as many devices that contain a microchip such as: Cellphones, Passports, Identity cards etc are often carried around on a person, in public.

All the hacker needs is a reader/skimmer that is compatible with the microchip, to be able to scan and steal the information from that embedded microchip.

Credit Card Hacking – How Easy It Is

ATM Hacking

ABC News (2013)

Digital skimming’ Online t Card Info

CBS 17 News – (2018)

Do You Still Want a Microchip In You?

The video below demonstrates just how much privacy you can lose via microchip technologies, and how easy it is to do, and how dangerous it can get.

  • How a hacker can track you and bug (listen in and record) your cell phone conversations – 39 min into the video
  • How a hacker can hack into camera on the streets and film you on the streets, just by using a hand-held scanner – 40 min into the video.
  • How WIFI makes your internet searches, emails etc accessible to anyone that wants to see them – 41 min into the video.
  • Human implants – A demonstration how easy it is to steal and clone, then download the information from an embedded human microchip onto another microchip, so someone else can become you – Steal your identity – 42 min into the video.
  • Passport – How easy it is to steal the information from the microchip embedded in your passport (this will also apply to many ID cards) – 43 min into the video.



Many companies will tell you their microchipped technologies cannot be hacked as they are encrypted.

This is NOT true – Hackers have the tools to access the encrypted keys – 44 mins into the video.

It’s also important to note, that no matter how companies try to update and keep their technologies safe, eventually, hackers always find a way to by-pass the security measures in place.  This is sometimes publicized on mainstream news stations.

Many companies now sell what they call RFID cases that are supposed to stop your RFID items from being scanned/hacked while not in use, the effectiveness of these is also debatable.


(I cover this further on down the page – after this video below)


‘Suspect Nation’ – Complete Surveillance

This video is over 7 years old, so some of the future technologies they talk about, are already in society now.


‘Scientist Implanted With RFID Microchip
Gets Computer Virus

Dr. Mark Gasson, a cybernetics expert at the University of Reading, has had a computer chip implanted in his hand.

The chip is programmed to open security doors to his lab – and ensure only he is able to switch on and use his mobile phone.

But Dr. Gasson demonstrates how his embedded microchip can get a computer virus, and how this virus could the transfer transmit to affect the lab security system.

“Once the system is infected, anybody accessing the building with their passcard would be infected too,” he told Sky News.

NOTE:  This video was first published before 2010 – Scientist, Dr Gasson states in the video,”The devices will have to start to use security encryption.”  As demonstrated in the last video (above), encryption isn’t always as secure as many companies will tell you, it can also be hacked.

So if you are thinking about getting a microchip implanted into you
– Or your work place expects you to agree to get an implant inserted into your body,

The Benefits for you – DO NOT Outweigh the RISKS!

Many countries are trying to make it compulsory for everyone to be microchipped, please say no.  Many that have been implanted, (some with-out their consent)  have endured endless suffering

Illegal Microchip Implantation

Many individuals around the globe have found they have been illegally implanted, without their consent, and often with NO knowledge of when the microchip was implanted in their body.


Do you Have One In You?

Chances are you wouldn’t know…

Until you start to experience
Horrendous effects


This has been going on for decades, and many of these individuals have come together to raise public awareness about this issue.

The effects these individuals endure are severe.

More than their privacy has been lost.  They suffer horrendous health effects too.  What they endure goes far beyond the general hacking mentioned in the writings/videos in this article-above.
Most medical professionals, and law enforcement agencies don’t take them seriously when they report their stories, and they are not believed, or tested honestly or appropriately.
Involuntary implantation is NOT accepted…

As being a possibility, By most Professionals!

Victims of illegal microchip implantation, are often maimed as mentally ill, when they do seek help.

Those that can afford it, hire private investigators, and scientists to prove their cases, as you will see in the video below.

To see more about other illegally implanted victims, how they msot likely got implanted unwittingly, and what effects they endure – SEE: Illegally Implanted Victims

PROOF of illegal Microchip Implantation
Summary – by James Walbert

(More by James Walbert & other Illegally Implanted Victims – here)

Microchips can be inserted easily by an intravenous needle, in pill form and through any open wound including surgical/dentistry procedures.

Mainstream Health Professionals often Mis-diagnose…

The victims of illegal microchip implantation are often mis-diagnosed, or as I said above maimed mentally ill.
This is due to the fact that health care professionals not being taught about the full capabilities, of this rapidly advancing technology, or about the associated abuses of this technology.
Many Victims Continue to Suffer in Silence.
(1)  Microchips are not as easy as you think to be detected in the body as they are now often smaller than a grain of rice so, can easily go undetected or show as a UBO – Unidentified Bright object in an MRI x-ray or an unknown foreign object.  

(2)  Often when a patient presents him/her self at a medical establishment
and asks for an x-ray to check for a microchip implantation, they are often diagnosed as having a mental illness such as paranoia, delusional tendencies.
This results in NO x-ray being done and the patient is left to find the money to seek a private establishment to do the x-ray.
Again faced with the fear of whether this professional will be trustworthy.
(3)  Many Individuals that have had microchips show in their  x-rays, have found that the x-ray results/reports have suddenly vanished from the establishment and nothing is followed up on this.
The few that still have their x-rays that show implants – Find – No authorities are prepared to investigate who implanted these implants or where they originated from.
Often when a victim tells friends, family or,  again authorities about this, it’s not uncommon for them to be talking to deaf ears.
For Those of You that – Find this hard to Believe…
This is happening worldwide and is NOT restricted to just one or two countries.  Many victim stories reflect this as well.
There is also a growing history of other illegal unethical practices, that no one really believed until things were often uncovered by accident. See History unethical practices Section)


Article posted May 2012 – Updated 2019

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